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Do you handle a lot of thermal paper receipts?

The May Berkley Wellness Newsletter reported that thermal paper receipts such as those from cash registers, ATM machines, gas pumps and credit card terminals can be a significant source for BPA. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, an industrial chemical that mimics estrogen that can interfere with hormonal functions during prenatal and early post birth organ development. Some other known endocrine disruptors include pesticides such as ADT, dioxins and some flame retardants.



BPA on the surface of thermal paper can rub off onto your hands and be directly absorbed by the skin or get onto food and be ingested. It is now know that using a hand sanitizer and then handling thermal paper with wet hands increases the amount of BPA absorbed. Other sources of BPA are the inside surfaces of canned food and the “bullet proof” polycarbonate plastic “hiker” water bottles, so avoid the use of these when possible.

If you handle a lot of thermal receipts, wash your hands with soap and water afterwards especially before handling food. Keep these receipts in an envelope or plastic zip-lock bag, not in your pocket, wallet or purse and away from small children and pregnant women.




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