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New Patients

People in waiting areaWhat To Expect at Martin Chiropractic Clinic

Welcome to Martin Chiropractic Clinic! To save time at your first visit, download your initial paperwork and complete it at your leisure. Simply bring it along with you to your first appointment.

First Visit

When you arrive to our office you will be warmly greeted and asked to sign in. If you have downloaded and completed your admitting paperwork from our website, great! If not, after completing the initial forms, Dr. Martin’s Chiropractic Health Assistants (CHA) will escort you to a treatment room where you will be asked to put on a gown (for women) or shorts (for men).

After Dr. Martin reviews your detailed health history, a thorough examination will be conducted to help identify the cause of your problem.

The examination is designed to work with your pain threshold and you should feel little pain. You will be asked to move your neck and back in different directions. You will also have your reflexes tested. The spine will be gently touched and your feet will be examined. Strength testing in various muscles will also be done.

Once finished, Dr. Martin will discuss the next steps necessary. Your next visit will then be scheduled at which time a report of findings will be given. If necessary, you will also be given instructions for X-rays or any other further studies. This visit takes approximately 45 minutes.

Upon arrival, you will be escorted to a treatment room to view a short video. Dr. Martin will review any X-rays, give you his report of findings and make his recommendations. Treatment options, consent, cost, scheduling, and our monthly back care workshops are also discussed at this time. As a Waterloo chiropractor it is our intention to provide you with a clear understanding of the benefits of chiropractic care.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions and should you wish to proceed, you will receive your first treatment.

The chiropractic assistant will provide you with information on our office procedures and fees. We will determine a “best time” for future visits and make reservations for you at that time.

This visit takes approximately 45 minutes.

Regular Visits

When you arrive for your regular appointment, you will sign in at the front desk, get your clipboard, and head back to the treatment room. Dr. Martin will adjust you using one of several techniques, answer any questions you may have, and get you on your way.

We recognize your time is valuable. So we do everything possible to run on time and minimize the impact on your busy life. A typical office visit takes approximately 20 minutes.

Should you ever require emergency care our answering machine will always give Dr. Martins’ home phone number when our office is closed.


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