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Waterloo Chiropractor Results

Our Patient Success Stories

I was a little nervous my first time as I had been seeing a chiropractor for over 38 years and was hesitant about starting over with a new one. However Paula and Donna were so welcoming and friendly I quickly relaxed. I also felt very comfortable with Dr. Martin and feel I will be in good hands. My husband has such faith in him and is always telling me how much he has helped him.~ Jo Anne J. April 5, 2019
Dr. Martin and his staff are amazing. Thanks to Dr. Martin I have a reason to live again. No pain during the night. Don’t have to wear my wrist brace anymore. I am a diabetic and now have better circulation in my legs. I have less headaches. He is currently working on my back so that I can walk further. I have all the faith in ability to repair my back, even if it is only a little. And his staff are funny, respectful and helpful. You owe it to yourself to give him and his staff a chance.~ Barbara S. August 19, 2018
I truly appreciate Dr. Martin’s thoroughness. From his initial assessment, x-rays, the explanation of my issues and a plan of action, I can honestly say that I am excited about my treatment.~ Randy W., December 30, 2015
I started taking my son to Dr. Martin at the beginning of 2015. My son was only a month and a half old. He would wake up every 1 to 3 hours throughout the night. It always seemed like he was gassy and uncomfortable. I didn’t know if this was normal or not as I am a first time mom.My husband (who already was seeing Dr. Martin on a regular basis) mentioned this to him and Dr. Martin said that sometimes if a babies spine is not properly aligned it can affect their digestion and make the baby uncomfortable causing them to wake up more frequently. My husband told me this and said I should take my son to be assessed.I was very skeptical at first and also didn’t like the idea of his spine being adjusted when he’s so small, because I didn’t want him to end up injured. However, I was very tired and my husband told me to at least make an appointment and see what Dr. Martin had to say. So I did.Read more »
At my sons first appointment Dr. Martin explained how a baby’s spine can become misaligned during the birthing process and how a misaligned spine can affect different areas of the body. He was very thorough in his explanation. He then assessed my son’s spine and found that there was an area in his lower spine that was out of place. He explained to me how he would do an adjustment on his spine, which is not the same way he would adjust an adult. He showed me first by just pressing lightly on my arm with his finger. When he showed that to me I was so much more comfortable in having him adjust my son because all he was going to do was press lightly on his back with his finger. I then gave my consent for him to give my son an adjustment. It took only a week and a half and 3 adjustments later and my son went from waking up every 1 to 3 hours throughout the night to sleeping 6 hours straight. And it wasn’t long after that he started sleeping 8 hours straight. He is now a much happier baby and I am a much happier mom.Because I was so happy with my son’s results, I decided to be assessed and be adjusted as well since I was having back pain from the constant lifting of my baby. And I am beyond happy with my results as well. Our whole family now sees Dr. Martin. But not only was it the amazing results we have had that keeps us going back to Dr. Martins office, but also the amazing kindness that he and the ladies in the office show. They are so welcoming and make you feel so comfortable. They really get to know you and make you feel like part of the family. They go above and beyond.

~ S.J., May 6, 2015

During 2014, my physical situation, diagnosed as spinal stenosis, caused me to begin arranging back surgery in the United States. I was uncomfortable sitting, sleeping, standing, and walking. It was difficult and painful to perform even the simple tasks of washing dishes and reading a book. My GP, physiotherapist, and a former chiropractor had offered unacceptable or unsuccessful solutions.In December 2014, I began weekly chiropractic care with Dr. Martin and am now functioning at approximately 75% of my healthy self. Surgery is not being considered in the near future.Read more »
Dr. Martin’s care is unique in the following ways:His initial and periodic assessments are methodical, comprehensive, and informative. Dr. Martin observes and listens.He provides education that explains the purpose/benefits/applications of chiropractic care. Education also addresses preventative practices to avoid spinal injury and maintain general wellness. He answers all questions patiently and in a manner that is understandable.His treatments are painless and he continually monitors their effect on you.Exercises were tailored to my specific problems. He introduced them only after he had restored movement in my back and he knew that I had a reasonable chance of being able to perform them successfully. As my progress evolved, so did the exercises.Dr. Martin and his staff are efficient, respectful, and always friendly. The environment is bright, and comfortable. It is a happy place to visit!

~ T.A., April 20, 2015