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Feel Better after Overnight Flights

Travelers experience jet lag when they fly across time zones and the body’s internal 24 hour clock becomes disrupted and their bodies don’t have the time to adapt.

Planning Your Sleep

If you’re flying eastward across several time zones for instance from Waterloo to Europe most flights depart in the evening therefore try to sleep as best you can on the overnight flight.

One aid I have personally used is a soft cervical collar (whiplash collar) available at Shoppers’ Home Health for about $20. These collars immobilize the neck much better than traditional airline pillows.

As we all know airline seats are getting smaller so if you are on a longer flight (transatlantic or transpacific) then it might be worthwhile spending a little extra on a more spacious seat.

Try resetting your internal clock by going to bed and getting up 1 hour earlier for 3 days prior to your long eastbound flight and 1 hour later for your westbound trip.

Shut out exterior disruptions with ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones or even a sleep mask.

Is Melatonin for You?

Some studies have shown that melatonin supplements speed up the body’s reset to new time zones and side effects are rare. It is most effective when travelling 2 or more days across a minimum of 5 time zones especially eastward. As little as ½ to 3 milligrams at bedtime after arrival until you are acclimated to the new time zone appears to work well.

Don’t Forget About the Spine

Ensure more comfortable and healthful travel with less chance of flare-ups with a pretravel chiropractic visit and shortly after returning home from long flights/car rides and different beds.

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