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How to Support Your Neck While Sleeping in a Hotel

Bed in hotel roomDr. Martin cares about more than just your spine—he wants to keep your whole body healthy and happy.

While travel can be exciting, it can also leave a real pain in your neck—literally!

Hotel pillows are generally not the most comfortable to sleep on, and often cause a sleepless night. This is because they’re relatively cheap, providing inadequate neck support.

If you travel frequently, consider these tips for better neck support:

1. Grab a hand towel from the bathroom and roll it up length wise. Place hair ties or rubber bands around each end and position it under your pillow. This adds support instantly.

2. Consider traveling with a pillow from your home. If it’s too big, you can cut it in half and make a smaller version that will provide the same healthy level of support and be easier to travel with.

3. Visit an outdoor store and find an inflatable pillow.

Do you have additional tips for keeping your neck and spine well during travel? Share with us in the comments below.

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