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Car crash

No text is worth your life or the lives of others on the road.

Potentially fatal and always unnecessary, texting while driving has become an epidemic of sorts. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with those in your vehicle as well as other drivers on the road. A Traffic Injury Prevention Study showed that it was just as dangerous for subjects to perform a simulated driving task while texting as driving with blood alcohol levels at or just above the legal limit in North America.

Avoid This Fatal Distraction

Texting slowed braking time and increased speeding because of lack of focus on driving skills. Driver distraction accounts for at least 10% of all fatal motor vehicle crashes that killed approximately 3,200 people in the U.S. and injured another 430,000 just in 2014. It is unclear how many of these stats were due to texting, but early research suggests that texting increased crash risk by four times.

Play It Safe – Pull Over

No text is worth your life or the lives of others on the road. If you need to text or urgently take a call, always pull over to a safe location. No exceptions. If you find you are tempted to reply to a text, turn your phone off and stow it in the glove compartment. There are also apps available that block texting while driving. You can also designate your friend or family member in the passenger seat to reply for you.

A compelling read of a real life tragedy is recounted in “A Deadly Wandering” by Matt Richtel, which explores the neuroscience behind texting and other technologies.

Practice Smart and Healthy Habits

Steer clear of the dangerous and distracting habit of texting while driving. At Martin Chiropractic Clinic, we care about you and all of our patients and encourage you to always practice smart and healthy habits. These include wearing your seatbelt, exercising daily and getting regular chiropractic care.

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