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Traveling Shouldn't Be a Pain in the Neck

With summer vacation season on the horizon, getting to the destination of your choice can be a real pain in the neck. This is because your neck can shift into uncomfortable positions while you’re trying to sleep in a car or on a train or plane. When the head drifts forward that motion strains your joints, soft tissues and discs in your neck. Instead of wearing a bean bag neck support that doesn’t brace the neck in all directions, we recommend wearing a support neck collar.

Sure, it may look a little funny, but the collar provides serious support by keeping your head stable. The collars are no longer used for post-accident rehab, but they are incredibly effective for maintaining the head in a correct position and supporting the neck in all ranges. We offer the collars at Martin Chiropractic Clinic in Waterloo for just $20; you also can find them in medical supply stores. The result: you can enjoy a pain-free vacation!

Watch Dr. Martin’s video below for more tips!

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