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Zinc for Colds?

Cold and flu

Keeping pesky colds away may be as simple as taking this essential mineral.

It often starts with an uncomfortable, scratchy throat. You can feel a nasty cold coming on, and you want to stop it in its tracks. You could reach for over-the-counter cold remedies, but those only mask the symptoms. You may want to consider zinc. Numerous studies — 15 since 1987 — have been done evaluating the effectiveness of zinc treatment on the duration or severity of common cold symptoms.

Mixed Trial Findings

A new analysis in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology pooled data from three older trials. It found high doses of zinc acetate lozenges (80-92 mg/day) reduced colds by about a three-day duration compared to placebo. The same previous studies testing dosages of 5-11 mg did not appear to be as effective. It was important to take the lozenges every 1-2 hours particularly as soon as symptoms first appeared. Zinc gluconate lozenges may not be as effective as zinc acetate.

A Natural Alternative to Medications

It’s unclear how zinc can help, but zinc may block cold viruses from sticking to the nasal passages or deactivate them in the mouth or throat. One benefit of zinc is it’s natural and can be used before a prescription antibiotic. It’s important to only take zinc in lozenge or tablet form as using zinc nasal sprays has resulted in many people permanently losing their sense of smell.

Boost Your Health, Naturally

Keeping your immune system optimized is one of the best ways to keep colds and other viruses at bay. Safe and natural chiropractic care is an excellent way to keep your immune system strong and your body healthy. Schedule an appointment today!

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